Theme Custumization


Theme Options

  • Favicon - Upload a 16px x 16px image that will represent your website’s favicon. To ensure cross-browser compatibility, we recommend converting the favicon into .ico format before uploading. (
  • Font Size - Set the font size
  • Font Size - Set the font family
  • Logo - Upload site logo
  • Logo Text - Add some text under your logo.

Home Page

  • Show Slider - Enable slider in home page

Footer Options

  • Copyright - Add your copyright
  • Show Catalog - Enable catalog navigation in footer
  • Tracking Code - Add some tracking codes

Color Customize

  • General Color
  • Page Color
  • Content Background Color
  • Header Color
  • Link Color
  • Link Hovered Color
  • Menu Link Color
  • Menu Link Hovered Color
  • Sub Menu Background Color
  • Navigation
  • Static Front Page

Navigation Options

Select which menu appears in each location.

Static Front Page

Select static front page.

There are only 1 widget area which you can use to add your own content and functionality or upload the banner.